Wild West: principle and operation of this fascinating slot machine

Wild West: principle and operation of this fascinating slot machine

Nowadays, the world of games is omnipresent everywhere in the world. Many users are fascinated by casino games. Casinos have slot machines with many different themes. With the Wild West slot machine, players have the opportunity to win sums of up to 1,000 as well as a visit to the Texas prairies. By collecting 5 wild symbols on the active line, the slot offers a jackpot. Zoom in on the Wild West Slot Machine.

The Wild West Slot Presentation

The Wild West Video Slot Machine is structured by 5 reels with 3 cells each; and 21 paylines that can be adjusted with the “Lines” button. During play, the player, can place a bet of 1 to 10 credits on each of the active directions. This amount is adjusted with the “Bet” button. The cell with the same name shows the total bet amount. The user can see how many credits are left in his account, in the lower left corner of the interface, in the Balance control block.

Winning combinations in Wild West

The criteria for a winning combination in the Wild West Slot Machine is to start on the first reel, consist of at least two symbols, be on the active line from left to right. After pressing the start button, the reels begin to spin.

As previously mentioned, the player can win the jackpot in the Wild West Slot Machine after collecting all 5 symbols on the Wild active line. These symbols could be: scatter, sheriff’s star, guns, hat, saloon, eagle, bull, horse, cactus. All paylines must be activated during the spin to increase the chances of forming this play situation.

How to Play the Slot Machine: Basic Rules

There is an original game of chance in the Wild West slot machine. In a single spin of the game, the player can choose to increase the amount of the last win by 1, 5, 3, or 6 times. Pressing the “Bet” button after getting the winning combination, will take the player to a game of chance. After that, the playing field will be divided into three parts. Each part contains a single game cube with the name flashing.

If the user presses the top one, when it displays the numbers 4, 5 or 6, the winnings will increase by half. If the user presses the middle one when displaying 5 or 6, the winnings will double. And if the user clicks the bottom one when displaying the number 6, then the amount to be won in the last round will be multiplied by up to 6 times.

How does the Wild West Slot Machine work?

The Wild symbol on the slot machine is shaped like an animal skull. It replaces all of the classic icons in winning combinations. The player wins the Jackpot when there are five of them on the line. As far as the classic images are concerned, the most paid is the Sheriff’s Star with the coefficients: 100, 250, 500 and 1000.

The multipliers of the line for the remaining classic symbols vary from 30 to 500. A bundle of dollars in the Wild West Video Slot is used as a “scatter”. If this icon appears in the number 3, 4 or 5 anywhere on the reels, the total bet increases by 10, 100 times respectively. If sometimes the location on the active line appears 5 flyer icons, the user has access to the prize round.