Mining Fever: the new game is more appealing

Mining Fever: the new game is more appealing

Treasure hunting enthusiasts will enjoy Mining Fever. The new game from Rabcat promises thrills by offering you a descent into the depths of the Earth. This slot machine is based on three mythical characters. Thundar, Driler as well as Bombur invite you to dive into their universe full of “enriching” surprises, to say the least.

Slot machine has a mouthful, but not only

The graphics of Mining Fever are well done. This detail jumps out at the discovery of the rolls. The developer’s creativity has done wonders for this slot game. The dwarf miners dug deep enough to awaken monsters in the bowels of the Earth. The 5 columns and 3 rows look classic, but hides many surprises. As such, you have 243 ways to earn coins in this game. This is exceptional since most similar slot machines offer a maximum of 20. In addition, you can win real money with either 0.20 or 40 credits. The payout rate is 96.13%. This means that less than 4% of the chips are swallowed by the machine. The rest is given back to the players. Then, the volatility remains relatively low. You win small amounts, but more often. The frequency is about 29.23%, or one out of every three paying spins. In addition, there is a static jackpot of 1000 coins.

A whole host of features to please the purists

The functionalities are richly varied on Mining Fever. For good reason, the three characters in the game are equipped with superpowers to make you win large sums of money. You have innovative ways to win real money at the end of the game. In addition to the coins raining down on your counter, you have the possibility to win a multitude of gift rounds. These are generous bonuses since each Spin costs a few cents. Rest assured, you can choose your bet at your convenience and with respect for your budget. To play for free during the game, you should wait for the scatter symbols. This is a feature whose translation means scatter. On Mining Fever, it looks like Driler. It offers an extra turn during which the reel fills up Wilds. These are wild cards that can also burst on the screen. It will take several to be able to compose gain lines. These bonuses contribute to the unlocking of the gold crown which in turn gives the right to 1000 coins. It will take at least three Wilds for the “Big Win”.

Bonuses according to characters

Things get even more interesting with Bombur. The mere appearance of this character unlocks two more turns. The second of them results in a real Wild explosion. By the way, this feature also includes a bomb that explodes and gives you more bonuses. These symbols are placed on the reels at random. On their side, Thundar and Driler offer practically the same gifts. The free spin can be recognized by the abundance of a recurring sign on the 12 cages of the reels. This means a boost in the winning lines. Above all, the super-bonus is activated when all three dwarves are displayed together. Dubbed the “Dwarven Gold Train Feature”, this feature is unique. Take full advantage of the eight towers that are free as a gift. During this phase of the game, a magical little train rides on the screen. Every symbol it touches instantly turns into a Wild. You should also be interested in the TNT Tumble video slot. This block of black stone has some pleasant surprises in store for you.